faqHow far do you ride in a day?

Rides are usually planned for distances between 40 to 60 miles in a day depending on weather, available daylight and terrain, amongst other things. With an average riding speed of 10-12 mph, it’s usually 15 to 20 miles to our first coffee stop, a further 20 miles or so to lunch and the remainder back to wherever you would like to stop. Occasionally on longer rides, we sneak in an extra stop for tea on the way home. It’s easier to ride long distances in a group.


What sort of bike do I need?

The main criterion is that your bike is roadworthy; in particular that the brakes and tyres are in good condition and properly adjusted. You will probably find a road bike most comfortable but there are many variations within that description. We haven’t had any penny farthings yet…


Do I need special cycling clothing?

No, ride in whatever you feel most comfortable in. Rides go ahead in pretty much all weathers except ice and snow though, so it makes sense to dress for the weather. Wearing a helmet is also your choice.

What should I know about riding in a group?

We can’t better the advice given here on the Cycling UK website. Get in touch if you would like to join us. You can ride as a visitor to start with to see if you like it.